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Sharing Economy is an alternative world model

Image credits to http://riscosse.wordpress.com

Image credits to http://riscosse.wordpress.com

Ryan Dyment explains the possible scenario coming from a worldwide development of the sharing economy. According to him, we’re talking about an entirely new and unique system that won’t integrate with the current one, representing the only alternative to the actual (compromised and problematic) model. Dyment makes different and easy to understand example: in a city where tool libraries are widespread in every district, people would be very likely to use shared drills and shared cars. By one side, this means a more efficient use of resources, but on the other hand it will reduce the workforce needed in the industries to produce due to lesser demand. At the same time, new jobs will grow quickly in the sharing economy. These jobs are different: they need less time, but they generate an unstable income. Thus we’ll have more free time, and we’ll be able to share our jobs too, so that everybody will be employed, even if for less hours.


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