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Our projects: Brasil and Italy

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During our research and, in a broader perspective, during our life we had the chance to experiment with these concepts, skills and knowledge in different contexts. We organize DIY upcycling-based workshops since 2010, mostly for educational and urban regeneration activities, under the name of Studio Superfluo, the collective of which we’re co-founder. In is the way we acquired a practical and theoretical know-how useful for event planning, time management and handcraft skills.

However, we decided to focus on two specific projects among others, as they’re much more complex than a one-shot workshop, or a one-week long festival. We were in Brasil, in Pompéu (MG), to work inside the catadores association Ascapéu, while in Italy we are in Turin, inside the Association Cantiere Barca, working in the northern suburbs of the city.

The two projects are very far and the two contexts are very different: this is a chance for us to compare them, both the projects and the contexts, to easily find out the characteristics you have to look for when building a Social Making Economy.